The Freefall

I kept running. Faster and faster. My heart pounding loudly in my chest as if it would come out bursting any moment.  My knees throbbed with pain and my feet were on fire.

But I had to run; faster and faster. For they were coming after me… to get me.

A dozen of blindfolded humans  with thick ropes in their hands. I have faced them all my life but today I wanted to run.

I am alien to this path and don’t know where it would end. I wasn’t scared or worried because I didn’t fear them. I just wanted to escape.

But something was strange; my surroundings kept changing. Sometimes it seemed a long road, sometimes a lush green forest and sometimes a barren desert. Days and night were happening in the blink of my eyes.

It felt unreal to my logical mind. ‘Am I dreaming?’ Even if I was I didn’t care because I wanted to get away from them.

They were coming near as I could hear their angry and hateful howls. I turned around to see; they were more than a dozen now.

‘Don’t stop! Don’t stop!’ I ran faster, ignoring the vicious pain that wanted me to surrender.

For the undefined period, I  got blind from all the running; not knowing where I have come. Suddenly I got my vision back and saw the path was ending. They were approaching nearer.

Panicked. Worried. Determined not to be defeated.

Then it occurred to me, “What if this was really a dream?”

I halted and closed my eyes.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly turned to face them.

Surprised they were to see me smiling. Looking at their confused faces I took  few steps backward. Their confusion was turned into horror as soon as they saw me standing at the edge of a cliff and realizing what I was about to do.

Fools they were to think I fear my death; all I fear is the confinement of  my soul. So I let my hair loose and opened my arms wide. Knowing I have defeated them, I uttered a joyous laugh.

Taking that last step backwards and showing them my contended smile, I took the freefall.

The gravity was pulling me down. My arms widespread, my hair flowing all over my face. It felt as if the wind was carrying me tenderly in its embrace.

There was no pain, fear or worry; for I had left all of it behind. Just before hitting the cold water of the lake I thought to myself that never in my life…  I had felt so infinite; so free.


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