Changing the Mindset of Future

There is no doubt that education is very important for the progress and development of every country but will educating people really solve our problems? If the answer is yes, then what are our ‘qualified’ doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects or our ‘educated’ is government doing for the betterment of the country? I believe we all know that they have only worked for their own wellbeing. In today’s world, everyone is concerned about ‘making money’; it has become the ultimate goal of our lives. This has made us all self-centered, materialistic and narrow-minded.

So why education didn’t do any good to us, the privileged ones?

Well, it is because we educated our brains but not our minds. Our minds have not been enlightened. Yet.

When a mother tells her 12-year-old son to study hard, bring excellent grades and become a brilliant doctor so that he can earn loads of money, she is actually making her son perceive education as a source of earning money. If, instead she tells her son to become a brilliant doctor to help others in pain, the young boy would see education as a source of bringing betterment in the society. Similarly, parents put a lot of emphasis on grades. Again, telling a child to study hard to bring excellent grades would only educate his brain; it won’t open his mind to learning.

How can education bring betterment to our country when we are conditioned since childhood to see it as a source of getting a materialistic reward?

We need to change the mindsets of our children as they are our future. Whatever they will learn now will become the foundation of their thinking process as they will grow up. Hence, their minds should be conditioned positively. This may seem a very small or insignificant issue but if we think over it, we will realize it holds great magnitude.

Children should see education as a source of bringing change, innovation and welfare. They should be set free to dream and to explore. Let them paint their future like they want. Let them paint the future of Pakistan.


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