Every ‘Part’ makes up a ‘Whole’

One of the most amazing things that I have learnt about life is how little things can make big things happen; every little deed and every little action of a person can substantially impact the surroundings in which he/she lives. As humans, we often believe that we are powerless and helpless; there is nothing much we can do but what we don’t realize is that by not doing much we can actually do a lot.

For example, one simple joke can make someone laugh, one small lie can ruin a trusting relationship, one stone removed from the street can prevent an accident, one burnt cigarette can lit a house on fire, one’s lost money can buy food to its founder and just one word can break the silence of years.

Another very stimulating idea to me is of the relevance and importance of each and every individual to this world. Every ‘part’ of a ‘whole’ is significant because together these parts make up the ‘whole’; even if a single part is missing the ‘whole’ would be incomplete. Similarly, every individual act of a person; be it good or bad, defines the happenings of the world at large. Our one small action could be the beginning of something new or the ending of some customary norm.

Hence, in order to change the world we don’t need to do big things; we can do random act of kindness that can trigger to the greater things in life.


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