THE UNBLESSED – “Prologue”

The watch around my wrist stroke 7 a.m. and the rain started to pour down as I got home from work.

“Mama, I’m home”.

The sweet and mouth-watering aroma in the air told me where to find Mama.

“What’s cooking?” I asked entering the kitchen.

Mama was taking out a baking dish from the oven. She turned around in her wheelchair and opened her arms to me. I bent down to give her a long warm hug. Seven years back, Mama met an accident and since then she was never able to stand on her feet.

“Angeline my doll! I’ve baked  your favorite shepherd pie.” She smiled at me with so much love in her eyes that my heart flooded with warmness and affection. I kissed her cheeks.

“Great! I think I’m starving.” I took out a decent amount of hot and heavenly looking shepherd pie on a plate and headed upstairs to my room.

“Honey, dinner would be ready by 9; please be down by then.”

“Whatever you say Mama,” I replied to her as I entered my room.

After changing myself into a comfortable pair of pajamas and shirt, I sat down on  bed with my scrumptious plate of shepherd pie and began eating. I placed my laptop on my laps and started replying to some new e-mails. When done with eating, I turned to keep the plate on the side table and found a brown envelope laying there. I took it in my hands, tore-off the top of the envelope and discovered a wedding invite inside. It was the most beautiful invitation card I had ever seen in my life.

“Must be expensive,” I thought.

The invitation card was addressed to me as:

To my best friend, Angeline

And I knew from who it was. I opened the invite and read the first line:


My lips curved into a sweet smile as my eyes laid on the picture of Rose and Jack beneath it. They looked lovely and happy together. I always told Rose that they were made for each other.

The wedding invitation wasn’t a surprise; I knew she would do it one day. I looked at Rose in the picture and my heart filled with love and gratitude. She looked beautiful as always. I had always wanted her to be happy. She deserved to be blessed with every good thing and I was so glad that finally all of that was happening for her.

Rose was the only true friend…best friend…I ever had… after Josh.

After Josh“… listening to this, even in my thoughts, made my heart ached badly. If I wouldn’t have found Rose my life would have actually become miserable ‘after Josh’ left me.

Rose and I have been friends for six years now. After our graduation she moved to Paris to pursue her career in fashion designing while I stayed back here, in United States, to seek my career as an interior designer.  But this physical distance never brought any difference in our relationship; we talked almost every day, shared text messages, emails and even visit each other. Our bond has became stronger over the years.

Suddenly my mind was filled with so many beautiful memories of me and Rose which existed in the past. I placed my laptop on bed and walked towards the window, holding the wedding invite in my hands. It had started to rain heavily; it was dark outside and the clouds were grumbling and roaring loudly. I felt an urge of going outside on the street and let the rain drench me; I wanted to feel the rain pouring down on my body. But instead, I opened the window and let my right hand out. I shuddered a bit as it was getting pretty cold outside. I brought the wedding invite close to my chest and thought about Rose again. We both loved rain; we would walk to a nearby spot for coffee or ice-cream and just let ourselves enjoy the rain. She made my life so much exciting.

“I miss you, Rose”. I tried to stretch out my hand a little more by standing on my toes.

I always thought that there was no such thing as “Best Friends” in this practical world. School or college; I never had any friend whom I could blindly trust; who could understand me and who openly accepted me the way I was. Indeed, I was completely unaware of the term “Best Friend”.  And then, Rose came in to my life….


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