Clock or Compass, What comes first?

Last night, when I was out on a drive, a saying on some billboard got my attention:

“Life is too short to do Everything; Set your Priorities wisely”

Although, I looked at it only for a couple of  seconds but those words got scanned on my mind. When I got home and laid down on my bed, that saying flashed back to me. Thinking about it, a question popped into my mind: What comes first, clock or compass?; What should we plan on first? our time (clock) or our direction (compass)? Often, we worry about our time management but it is very seldom that we talk about our direction; the path we chose to follow in our lifetime. Therefore, before we become capable of managing our time (clock), I think first we should be clear on where we want to go in life (compass) and how; we need to know our goals, our Priorities, correctly. It is more important to know where you are going than knowing how fast are you going. Hence, Compass comes first and then comes the Clock.

The secret of a successful life lies in setting priorities. Life is not all about ‘what we want to do?’ but it is majorly about ‘what we want to do first?’. Your priorities are your direction in life which leads you to your ultimate goal. Therefore, one should be very careful while listing their priorities.  It is important to be sure about what should be numbered  ‘1’, what should be numbered  ‘2’ and so on. Because if we over-estimate or under-estimate the true value of things we want to do in life then in the end, we will be left with a lot of undone things which were ought to be done as we would have wasted our time in doing what was less or least important. That is why we fail to accomplish our goals.

Another  essential thing to understand is that when I ask ‘What comes first, clock or compass?’, the decision is not be made on the basis of what is important and what’s not but on the basis of what is ‘most’ or ‘more’ important among the two. There is no doubt that clock has its worth but when compared to compass, its significance becomes less as compass shows direction and until and unless we don’t have a direction(compass)  we can’t use our time(clock) effectively. Therefore, setting priorities doesn’t mean choosing between things that are right or wrong, good or bad, useful or useless but it is about listing things as ‘important’, ‘more important’ and ‘most important’. If we can set our priorities rightly and get them straight in our heads then I believe, it is very unlikely that our lives would be mess-up!

In my ‘About’ page I have mentioned my attitude for living life i.e.  “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” In this small lifetime, we have so much to do. By doing right things at right time and right place, we can overcome the dilemma which we often face, of choosing among the important things, when we ran out of time. Therefore, define your priorities and try to know them well.  😉

And to do so, you need to ask yourselves questions like this one: “What comes first, clock or compass?”


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