I wrote an article three to four years back on ‘YouthHood’ for my college magazine. It is one of my favorites. I thought of sharing it with you all; I have edited it a bit.


Youth is one who keeps its country alive, determined, sound and prosperous.


In this lifetime we all experience different and exciting journeys. Childhood – the beginning of our life where one lives a dependent and totally nonchalant life, Adulthood – an independent stage of life where one’s worn-out tools are experience, wisdom and maturity and in between these two stages comes the most memorable and enchanted journey of life; the YouthHood. It is just a moment but it’s the moment, the spark, that we always carry in our hearts.  Youth has no age limit, it can stay in you as long as you feel young.

So, what is YouthHood? Youth is when you dare to look into eyes of the world, when you look at life from your point of view, when you try to solve the problems your way, when you have too many questions but no answers, when your life’s motto becomes “Do then die”, when pleasure is in climbing the walls rather than using the gates, when ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ keep popping in your mind, when you think your parents are the ATM machine, when ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ are the only adjectives you remember, when Fashion becomes necessity, when flying without wings seems worth a try, when you laugh at the face of danger and of course, when Love is in the air and studies NOWHERE! If you start experiencing all of this then friends….Welcome to YouthHood! A lifetime to go flashing from one end of the world to another, to hear the chimes at midnight, to see the sunrise in town and country, to wait for the dark and gloomy night just to see twinkling stars, to run a mile to see a fire and to take the sunny side of the road instead of the shady one. This is what we call YOUTHHOOD; a memorable and unforgettable journey of one’s life . To sum up, I would like to quote Henry Longfellow’s saying:

“How beautiful is youth! How bright it gleams with its illusions, aspirations and dreams. Book of beginnings, Story without end, each maid a heroine and each man a friend.”


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