I dedicate this poem to all past, present and future Mother-in-laws. Puleeez don’t take it to heart, of course it’s all just good humor you know ;).

P.S.  okay I know it’s not like…a proper poem. I wrote the first two stanzas 4 years back for one of my debate on “Mother-in-law or Monster-in-law” and I just added two more stanzas to it.


I have met a guy;

Not a fancy-looking guy,

Just someone who is cool

And hot as July,

He is so amazing, I’ll love him all my life.

But this cool guy

Lives with a woman who’s a spy,

Someone who is anything but human

And trust me, she loves to make me cry,

Her planes to fail me, makes my brain fry,

Now I bewail my decision of marrying that guy.

Thanks to that woman; my life is a living hell,

And she gives a damn, oh yes I can tell,

Complaints and taunts are all she can give,

But when her son is around, she treats me so well,

She’s evil and witchy; my husband is under her spell,

Oh Lord, please help! grant me license to kill.

“Now what’s she up to?” I’m always thinking I swear,

 And all her conspiracies are getting hard to bear,

Yes we all have this devil in our married lives,

So here is an advice which I really want to share,

She kicks, she bites; you better handle her with care,

Forget she can be your mother as she’s always be a Monster-in-law.



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