“To Draw You Must Close Your Eyes and Sing” – Picasso

Hedy Lamarr has rightly said:  “A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.”  It doesn’t really matter if you can understand art well or not but whenever you see a good painting or any form of drawing you just feel like appreciating it. And if the painting speaks for itself and you can find a connection to it then you feel inspired. I am also that kind of person who may not have much knowledge about art but I never hesitate to appreciate any inspiring art work and most importantly ‘creative work”.  

Today I will show you some brilliant and spectacular sketches of my friend and colleague, Nyla Talpur, that will leave your jaws hanging down. Nyla is a student of BBA(H) at Institute of Business Management(IoBM). Although pursuing her career as a business student she has immense interest in drawing and painting. She says:

“As a kid, drawing to me was like escaping from the reality that I didn’t like. And even today I like to express my emotions and feelings through drawing and painting. When I hold a pencil or paint brush in my hand with a canvas in front of me I drift away into some other kind of world;  which is more real and better to me.” 

Here are some magnificent sketches by Nayla Talpur:

A portrait of herself which depicts her a rebellious person who doesn’t believe in any kinds of feudal, Waderas and religious sects. Moreover, the Ajrak work on her sleeves represents her identity as a sindhi that shows that she desires to freed her land (Sindh) from all such people.

She captured this image in her camera while she was out with family for dinner. She was waiting for the dinner to come when a small kid was playing near her table with his father. Later, she sketched the picture. This sketch portrays the beautiful relationship between a father and his son.

This sketch is titled as “Ecstasy” which means an intense emotion of joy or happiness in which one feels carried beyond rational thought and self-control. She has depicted that when she draws she takes a state of ecstasy which is divine and beautiful. Dance is also a form of art and a form expressing oneself; this dancer is also experiencing the state of Ecstasy.

This portrait is of a Sindhi Alghozo player , Akbar Khamisu Khan. This pictures depicts what our real culture is like; full or arts , music and Sufism.

Here is what she says about this: this sketch wasn’t really planned. I was just venting out my frustration. I think john pollock has rightly said that a painting has a life of its own . It just comes by itself, and we are just a medium. This depicts how every other person is actually not living one life ,as a one person , but every person is a split personality to some extent .

I bet your jaws are hanging down (just like I promised) 😉 I really can’t think of proper words of appreciation. I think she’s just marvelous in what she does and her drawings can connect to our hearts.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton


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