Often we tend to ignore the fact that everything won’t last forever. We forget that things around us won’t be same as always. Hence, we behave as if nothing will ever change. And then one day when our surroundings do change and when something or someone who we thought will always be there is missing, we become miserable.

So why do we ignore such an important fact in the first place? Do we do it deliberately or unconsciously? Well, I believe that we do it unconsciously because we become habitual to the “routine”- the routine which becomes part of our lives. We follow it every day; seeing same people and doing same things. It becomes “the usual” and that is how we began to take things around us for granted.

Do you know what happens when we start taking things for granted? They become less important to us. Their value starts to diminish in our lives and when that happens, we ignore them because something else becomes more important to us. As this thought occurred to me I could think of so many things that we take for granted; wealth, fame, power, our luxury items, modern technology that have made our lives easy, our friends, relatives etc. However, there were three things that got my special attention. Why? Because we ignore them every day and every moment.

Taking people for granted is much worse. Especially those two people who made us capable enough to move in the society, who sacrificed everything for our happiness and who love us no matter how we look and what we are; they are our “Parents”. Although we love them too and just the thought of living without them brings shudders to us but still somehow we give priority to other so-called important stuff, like work and socializing, over them. We always have some important work or assignment to complete or we always have to meet someone more significant that’s why we put our parents at last, isn’t it? Because we know that our parents will be there. There will be plenty of time to spend with them and once we  finish all our commitments; work, parties, meetings etc, we can always go home and find them there. Then one day we finally complete all other “essential stuff” so that we can be with our parents; to show them how much we care, to tell them how much we love  and to confess to them that Yes! Our busy lives have not allowed us to be around them much and give them attention which they truly deserve. But then, suddenly our lives come to a halt; we become restless and miserable because we are looking around us; our eyes fanatically searching for those two affectionate figures that have always been right beside us ever since we opened our eyes in this world and now….now we can’t find them. They are no more around us. We kept them waiting but they never complained. Silently, they left this world, our world, making it hollow.

Now we wish and say to ourselves, “Why did they have to leave so early? Ah! Only if I had more Time.” Time; the thing which we assume we have in abundance, the thing which we assume will never end and hence, it is our least valued possession. However, we all forget a very bitter yet vital reality that ‘time doesn’t wait for anyone; it just passes and never comes back’. Just like we are here in this world not forever but for a limited time in the same we have a limited time for doing things and we have limited time for spending with people. We argue “why so soon? Why so early” but what we don’t realize is that nothing ends before time and no one goes before time; everything and everyone completes their time, it is just that we are late! Everyday when we ignore the tick-tick of our clocks, we take our time for granted.

Since we remain ignorant about the worth of time, we live like we’re never going to die. And when we do so we also forget an undeniable truth of our lives that one day we all have to confront “Allah” (our Creator). It is He who created us and this entire world. Although, Allah has made clear to us what’s allowed and what’s forbidden, what’s right and what’s wrong but still we disobey Him not fearing and worrying about the consequences. We commit mistakes again and again and ask for forgiveness from Allah. And He is so merciful that every time we ask for forgiveness honestly, He forgives us. Ah! We fools take our Creator for granted. We take our religion casual; we don’t care when we don’t pray, we don’t care when we don’t fast, we don’t care when we murder innocents, we don’t care when we lie, we don’t care when we don’t follow His commands. Oh! We don’t fear Him! Because we know that whenever we will ask for forgiveness He will give us as He loves us dearly. But what if He refuses to be forgiving towards us? Or worse, What if we don’t even get time to ask for forgiveness at all? Then ‘We’ will leave this world as a sinner. Yes we leave this world; our parents can die, our time can pass away but Allah (our Creator) He doesn’t go anywhere because He is everlasting and eternal. It is ‘us’ who will die.

The more I think about it,  more guilty I find myself; guilty of taking my parents, time and my Allah (or religion) for granted. I remain so occupied in the worldly affairs that I neglect the important realities of life. I value everything which is often crap (parties, Facebook, text messaging, outing with friends etc) more than valuing things and people who truly make my life worth living.  Today I also learnt that unless and until we don’t understand the value of something or someone in our lives we will fail to give them importance and respect which they deserve in actual.


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