QUEEN: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful amongst all?”

MIRROR: Angelina Jolie; no that was long time ago….Kristen Stewart…but that was few months back…errrr…Katrina Kaif…no no It’s Vidya Baland….ummm…no…it’s…mmm…WTH!! I don’t know OK!

Tch Tch! Oh you poor poor Mirror! I pity you. I can understand your problem. After all it’s not your fault that the trends keep on changing like seasons. I see you become irritated and miserable because it really gets so hard to cope up with the changing beauty standards.

But trust me you are not the only one. We all are in the same boat. In the pursuit of beauty, our lives have become a wild-goose chase (where “beauty” is the wild goose actually). It’s making all of crazy! At first, I found all of this very exciting. Oh! I used to love it; following every fashion magazine and channel, trying out all new fashion trends, copying stylish celebrities and what not. Of course! I was considered to be most fashionable person in my surrounding (I am just informing not bragging). It was just so amazing and ….and Satisfying to me. There was simply no stopping to me. But not anymore; no I won’t bear this torture any longer because….I QUIT! Yes you heard me right…I QUIT! I am just too tired of chasing this nasty thing called “beauty”. There is no end to this chase at all. No matter how hard I try, it’s just not enough.

Just one week ago I got my skin tanned after roasting myself in sun for three weeks and now it has turned out to be a total waste (no, no I didn’t burnt my skin) because tan is not in fashion anymore! Moreover, now I will have to spend my entire pocket money in purchasing whitening creams and face washes. But that’s not all; I have given 5 dresses for stitching to my tailor instructing him to keep shirts in long length but guess what?? In recent Pakistan Fashion week every designer’s collection has dresses with shirts in mid-lengths, then I cut my long beautiful hair short (really short) and now I can’t make those cool braid styles which are very much “in” these days and of course, not to forget, I’m on diet as well! Arrggh! So you see how screwed up my life has become. It’s like me and those beauty standards are playing “Catch me if you can”. Hah! No wonders I’m exhausted!

When I was a kid I used to admire all the beauties from the fairy tales; Cinderella, Snow white, Rapunzal and Sleeping beauty. They were my true beauty icons and seeing them I used to think that originality and simplicity are the essence of beauty. And now when I think of it I feel….HOW STUPID I WAS! “Originality” and “Simplicity”?? Yeah right! If today’s fashion divas would come out in their “original” and “simple” forms then instead of becoming everyone’s dream they will become a horrible nightmare! Seriously I mean we are living in 21st century where “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” is long dead because now the “beholder” won’t actually be interested in all that “originality” crap as he/she gets to see our slim, stunning and ravishing Plastic dolls everywhere (what else would you call those women after they had under gone so many plastic surgeries).

Beauties of Fairy Tales

Besides all this, now I really hate those fairy tale beauties. For them, staying beautiful was just a piece of cake; sleeping beauty only had to take her beauty sleep, Rapunzel just flaunted her long hair, snow white only had to be white (no worries of tanning) and Cinderella, oh! She didn’t even have to do anything because…. She had the FAIRY GOD MOTHER!! Man! This is so unfair. I swear, if they would have been born in this century then they wouldn’t even be alive by now.

(SIGH) So you see, this journey towards being beautiful is just not easy (so you can imagine how much effort I made to be “most fashionable” …no! no! no bragging of course). It takes a lot to at least get noticed (if not being admired). I don’t know about “success” but the road to beauty is always under construction.


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