It Wasn’t My Fault

I worshiped my Lord and loved His Prophet

I also adored every being on this planet

 So it couldn’t have been me because suicide is haram

I was born as Muslim, My religion is Islam

  They called me a terrorist

It wasn’t my fault

This country is my home; to me it’s very dear

When we stand as a nation there’s nothing to fear

So I fought for its tranquility till my last breath

I remained devoted and candid, I was not afraid of death

It was my duty

It wasn’t my fault

My death left my family with no bread-earner

My son took charge but he was still a learner

He was gritty and focused, I prayed for his glory

He’ll handle all my errands, I have nothing to worry

It was my hope

It wasn’t my fault

Like me he became a soldier; my son was my pride

He unveiled your dark secrets which you tried to hide

So you tried to buy him because you were cowardly and guilty

The soldier was murdered for choosing loyalty

It was his valor

It wasn’t my fault

The news hit the media; “A soldier was killed”

They sold it like hot cakes, no doubt they were skilled

But after few days the spotlight was gone

 They found some new prey as the show must go on

This was a tradition

It wasn’t my fault

Now from heaven I see my wife struggling and battling

For their father and brother my daughters keep waiting

They wonder how their paradise was shattered in a bolt

They ask why I left them, what was their fault?

This was my answer

It wasn’t my fault


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